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About Us

We are a peer led community group focused on improving health and wellbeing for the trans and gender diverse community in regional and rural Victoria. Our key priorities of our projects are to empower trans and gender diverse people to feel safe, connected, confident and valued. We promote community engagement and advocacy through hosting and attending events, social groups and training opportunities around Victoria. TGD Bendigo and Beyond recognises that visibility and authentic representation is crucial to:
– raise awareness about the needs and challenges of the trans community;
– reduce isolation and loneliness;
– remove stigma and discrimination of gender diverse people.



To improve the health and wellbeing of trans and gender diverse communities by providing opportunities for community connection, engagement, advocacy and education


Key priorities

Our key priorities are for community members to feel; safe, supported, welcome and included in all areas of community life.



Our core values guide Trans and Gender Diverse Bendigo and Beyond around how we conduct our activities and develop relationships with our key stakeholders. We expect all of our key stakeholders and partners to be guided by these values in the way in which we work together.

Our Core Values







Healthy Representation






The Greater Bendigo Coalition for Gender Equity

TGD Bendigo and Beyond are proud to join the 37 organisations and groups in the Greater Bendigo Coalition for Gender Equity.

The values and mission of TGD Bendigo and Beyond align with the Coalition’s vision to see a community where all people are respected, safe to participate in all aspects of community life and have equitable access to the resources they need to succeed in achieving their aspirations, whilst living in a community that is free from violence against women.