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Trans and Gender Diverse Clothing Swap

Clothing swaps are a place where communities can come together and celebrate the full diversity and opportunities of self expression through fashion. They are also an opportunity to socialise and explore gender expression in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment.

Between March 2021-22, our Trans and Gender Diverse Clothing Swap project delivered 7 clothing swap events to LGBTIQA+ communities in Bendigo, Castlemaine, Werribee, Melbourne and Kyneton providing 1400 free items of clothing and accessories while connecting over a thousand people with a safe space to explore fashion and socialise without gendered expectation or judgment.

The clothing swap events are free to enter and all items are free to take, with no need for participants to bring any items to swap if they do not wish to. This is due to the ongoing support by the general public who continue to donate items of clothing, shoes and accessories (some of which are brand new). Pronoun badges are available at no cost and volunteers wearing pronoun badges are often asked about them, creating a great opportunity for discussion and education around the existence and importance of pronouns.

Clothing swap volunteers are engaged to provide support and create a positive shopping experience for all attendees. Complete this Expression of Interest Form if you are interested in registering as a volunteer with us.