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Trans and Gender Diverse Bendigo and Beyond would like to express sincere appreciation for the ongoing support and partnerships that exist with the following groups and organisations who assist us to deliver on our commitment to improve the lives of trans and gender diverse people in Regional and Rural Victoria.

Transgender Victoria

Trans and Gender Diverse Bendigo and Beyond is a successful applicant of the Transgender Victoria SPARK program.

Trans and Gender Diverse Peer Support Project

Supporting growth and sustainability of trans and gender diverse peer support across Victoria. Supported by the Victorian Government.

Bendigo Neighbourhood Hub

Bendigo Neighbourhood Hub run activities, provide support, advocate for, engage and learn with local community. TGD Bendigo and Beyond are grateful for the relationship with BNH providing rooms to host our events, an auspice arrangement to support grant applications and invaluable mentoring and support for our committee.

Bendigo Pride Festival

Trans and Gender Diverse Bendigo and Beyond commend the crucial positive representation and community connection that Bendigo Pride Festival events provide for LGBTIQ and in particular, trans and gender diverse people, in our regional city. Bendigo Pride Festival present LGBTIQ events that reduce isolation, celebrate authenticity and create opportunities to showcase LGBTIQ talents in regional Victoria. The consultation and collaboration between Trans and Gender Diverse Bendigo and Beyond and Bendigo Pride Festival fosters community connection, engagement and healthy representation, delivering on our purpose to improve the health and wellbeing for trans and gender diverse people in regional and rural Victoria.

Sunbury and Cobaw Community Health

The relationship that exists between Sunbury and Cobaw Community Health and TGD Bendigo and Beyond is one deeply founded in community led projects and collaboration and purposeful in building better health and wellbeing outcomes for TGD people. Sunbury and Cobaw is a not for profit community organisation and their core business is the physical and health and wellbeing of our community. Together we are true collaborators who both bring good will, labor, enthusiasm and a desire to bring measurable benefits to the community through meaningful connections and engagement with group activities in safe spaces, where all members of our community are free to be their true authentic selves.

Belinda Brain
CLIP – Country LGBTIQA+ Inclusion Program.

Rhani Dean Talbot


LaNCE TV is a variety chat show hosted by Lance DeBoyle and Gabriella Labucci. Streaming LIVE from the regional city of Ballarat in Western Victoria. LaNCE TV can be viewed on C31 Melbourne and Facebook, Fridays from 9pm. LanceTV offers a platform for new and emerging talent to launch their projects. Speak EZ is an initiative sparked by the collaboration of Trans and Gender Diverse Bendigo and Beyond with LaNCE TV. Speak EZ is a transgender produced and hosted program interviewing LGBTIQ members and discussing topics relevant to the queer community.

Rural Rainbows

Rural Rainbows consists of LGBTIQ+ community members, their allies and advocates, service providers and community groups across North Central Region and beyond working together to promote LGBTIQ+ equity and inclusion. Trans and Gender Diverse Bendigo and Beyond collaborate with Rural Rainbows to disseminate information and events that educate, advocate and improve the health and wellbeing of the LGBTIQA+ community in Regional and Rural Victoria.

CHIRP Community Health

As collaborative organisers of the Castlemaine Pride Picnic this year with Castlemaine Community House, we invited TGD Bendigo and Beyond Clothing Swap to participate and use the Botanical Garden’s Tearooms. We have had a lot of feedback that this was a highlight for many people who attended, particularly young people who had previously experienced limited opportunity or finances to experiment with clothing that best aligned to their gender. This group has demonstrated immediate improvements for the mental health and connection of this often marginalised and disconnected group.

Sherene Clow
LGBTIQA+ Community Engagement Officer