Online LGBTIQ variety chat show

Speak EZ

Speak EZ is an LGBTIQ+ variety chat show hosted by TGD Bendigo and Beyond committee members Eli and Zara, where guest speakers are interviewed on topics relevant to the LGBTIQ+ community. Speak EZ provides an opportunity to share community information, the lived experiences of LGBTIQ+ individuals and provide education for the LGBTIQ+ and broader community.

Speak EZ is an initiative sparked by the collaboration of Trans and Gender Diverse Bendigo and Beyond with LaNCE TV. LaNCE TV is a variety chat show hosted by Lance DeBoyle and Gabriella Labucci. Streaming LIVE from the regional city of Ballarat in Western Victoria. LaNCE TV can be viewed on C31 Melbourne and Facebook, Fridays from 9pm. LanceTV offers a platform for new and emerging talent to launch their projects.

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